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A Unique Medium for your Marketing Needs

Why you benefit from using Goose Golf products as your corporate promotional needs

Our products are used in events, tournaments, company functions, and brand-marketing. The Goose Towel is a new product, which leverage quality, flexible execution, suitable for all levels of enterprises and events satisfying a wide-range of corporate needs.

That’s why we work with the best supplier in Canada Golf Trends Inc. With this partnership, we can now cater to the entire regions of demand with Golf Trends Inc. If you have any inquiry or questions, please feel free to contact any Golf Trends corporate services representative , and they will be more than happy to provide a solution for your corporate needs.

Features & Embroidery Details


*NOTE: Recommended areas with minimal towel function disruption highlighted, with remaining areas available at reduced functionality at client’s discretion.

Logo Embroidery Zones:

Zone 1:

Embroidery Size: 3.5’ x 2‘ inches

  • Professional Presentation
  • Short delivery timeframe
  • No towel function disruption

Zone 2:

Embroidery Size: 6’ x 2‘ inches

  • Focus Corporate Appeal
  • Short delivery time-frame
  • Medium Towel function disruption

Zone 3:

Embroidery Size: 8’ in. diameter
  • Maximum Corporate Appeal
  • Long delivery time-frame
  • No Towel function disruption
  • Large Order Quantity required

*NOTE: Consult with your distributor for further details, and embroidery inquiries.