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We help our partners/distributors who sell products and services to the golfing consumer and re-sellers.   Through unique innovative designs, quality manufacturing, and superior customer centric services.  Goose & Co.  will be the choice partner/supplier for your needs in sports retail, and corporate promotional industry.


To become the supplier of choice of products and services that Goose & Co. has to offer the golf/sports/corporate promotional industry. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers.  Goose & Co. products will deliver performance, variety, style and value at or better than our competition.  We will use our expertise to continually improve, innovate and expand our product line up and manage our costs without sacrificing quality and service. We aspire to create a culture of viewing customers as business partners, working cooperatively to achieve mutual goals via consultative execution of customer centric sales and marketing initiatives.


About Goose & Co.

A chance meeting occurred in summer 2009 between 'three' avid golfers who were paired together for a tee time at a local course in the Greater Toronto area.  A friendship ensued.  Each shared a love for the game, an entrepreneurial spirit and complimentary business skills. Embracing the motto “do what you love and love what you do” and through research, hard work, perseverance, and passion “Goose Golf Solutions” was born in spring 2010. 

The "Goose Towel and  Putting-Mate" is our first offering, which has seen grew beyond the golfing demographic.  Our unique line-ups of towels and golf accessories has grew into other market segments.  With the organic growth of the company and its demographic, Goose Golf Solutions Inc.  has become a multi-facet operation servicing the golf retail, sports retail, corporate promotional industry.

With this ever expanding service in 2015; Goose Golf Solutions Inc. has been transformed to Goose & Co.  reflecting the multiple products, services consistent with our company.